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Kantor Lem APE Medan


A Prominent manufactures of solvent-based and

water-based multifunction adhesive that specialized in

wood working market with Lem APE as one of the product.

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Steven Taketa is a Founder and CEO of

Lem APE Company. As a result of his advance

research skills, Steven proudly present

product thats able to enchance existing

supply in the market.

He also believes that customer satisfaction

can reshape the finest products.

This improvement and constant progress are the

core keys how Steven successfully brings

the name of the Lem APE Company to the top

of the industry, particularly in Sumatra.

CEO of PT. Taketa Matahari Selatan

" Work hard will never betray "

Steven Taketa

CEO and Founder of

PT. Taketa Matahari Selatan

About us

Lem APE is retail market leader since 2018,

providing the best international standar quality

in all Lem APE products lineup. Our company can

also provide certain kind of adhesive

that suits for specific needs.

As leader of adhesive glue industry in sumatra,

Lem APE is committed to professional management

state of the art, high grade quality, technology

development, efficient distribution management

and effective marketing.





Best seller product with

best quality in its class.

This product has 4.0 rating

from all APE lineup.


2020  |  Adaptive

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit many business sectors, LEM APE

Adapted quickly to anticipate the market downturn. LEM APE has

created innovative products that are more economical but still have

the same precise quality of LEM APE. Such as Lem APE POWER.

2019  |  Expansion

In 2019, LEM APE were doing Expansion to other cities

in order to Strengthen and Developing our company.

2018  |  Achievement

LEM APE products have succeeded in becoming a Market

Leader, especially in Sumatra. The success

comes from company commitment by developing

marketing strategy and professional.

2017 |  Innovating

The tremendous partnership between LEM APE and many

international materials suppliers has constituted a best-seller

product : PVAc White Glue and APE Premium.

This  is reliable for wood, paper and wall plaster adhesives.

2015  |  Launching

Lem APE began its journey with the launch of the highly acclaimed Lem APE Kuning 11 kg - a product that has remained our best-seller to this day. We take pride in this milestone and appreciate the continuous support from our valued customers.

You dont have any reason
to not
choosing us!

The Complete Solution For Your Future Product.

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Kami telah menggunakan Lem APE sejak awal. Menurut kami, Lem APE merupakan yang terbaik di pasaran saat ini. Bersama dengan Lem APE, kami memiliki percaya diri yang tinggi terhadap hasil dan kualitas yang kami tawarkan kepada konsumen.

Famous Architecture in North Sumatra

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Saya telah menggunakan Lem APE untuk berbagai macam proyek, dari perabot hingga bangunan, dan hasilnya selalu terlihat sempurna dan tahan lama. Untuk kalian yang masih bingung cari Lem, saya rekomendasikan pakai Lem APE saja.

Famous Architecture in North Sumatra



Cen Design

Awal nya ragu coba Lem APE, tapi setelah kita coba ternyata kualitasnya sangat bagus, bahkan bisa dibilang yang paling bagus. Lem APE juga sangat konsisten sejak pertama sampai sekarang, Sukses terus Lem APE!!

Famous Architecture in North Sumatra


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